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Haridra: Curcuma longa

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Scrapes out the unnecessary fat and other toxins out of the body

Useful in emaciation, under nutrition and other similar conditions

Enhances complexion

A good healer for wounds

Purifies all the systems of the body

Alleviate toxic conditions

Useful in all types of skin diseases

Common Name:
Turmeric (Eng.)

Sanskrit Names:

  • Haridra- which improves the complexion of the body
  • Kanchni- having color like that of Kanchan (Gold)
  • Nisha- as beautiful as full moon night
  • Varavarnini: Having bright complexion
  • Gauri- Because of its yellowish complexion
  • Krimighna- That kills all types of Krimies (Infectious agents)
  • Yoshitapriya- The plant that is favorite to ladies because of its use as complexion enhancer and in all female ailments
  • Hattavilasini- which increases the attraction of the bazaar

Lt. Name:
Curcuma longa- Zingiberaceae

Bio energetics:

  • Rasa(Taste)- Tikta(Bitter); Katu(Pungent)
  • Guna(Characteristics)- Ruksha(Rough); Laghu(Light)
  • Veerya(Potency)- Ushna (Warm)
  • Vipaka(Post digestion effect)- Katu(Bitter)

Chemical composition of Haridra Powder:

The active constituents of Turmeric are the yellow flavonoid constituents called the curcuminoids or diarylheptanoids, of which curcumin is the best studied, but also includes methoxylated curcumins. Turmeric also contains a volatile oil comprised of sesquiterpene ketones such as ?-tumerone, as well as other volatile compounds including atlantone, zingiberone, ?-phellandrene, sabinene, cineole and borneol. Other constituents include sugars, proteins, and resins (Mills and Bone 2000, 570; Yoganarasimhan 2000, 171; Kapoor 1990, 149; Evans 1989, 468).

Effect of Haridra Powder on Tridoshas:

Turmeric balances all the three Doshas. Because of its hot potency; it pacifies Kapha and Vata Doshas; and because of mild laxative action and bitter taste it pacifies the Pitta Dosha.

Home Remedial Uses of Haridra Powder in Ayurveda:

  • Kushthaghna- Turmeric Powder is one of the best blood purifier Ayurveda herb. Most of the skin diseases out there are the resultant of toxins in blood. By cleansing blood; Haridra powder removes the root cause of problem thus one of the best natural remedy for skin diseases.
  • Lekhaniya- Lekhana means to scrap out and lekhaniya is a supplement which helps in scrapping out the bad elements from the body. So it is good dietary supplement for detoxification.
  • Kandughna- In Ayurveda terminology; Kandu stands for itching sensation which is the resultant toxins present in blood. As said above Turmeric Powder is one of the best Ayurveda herb for detoxification; it is a natural remedy for itching.
  • Vishghna- Visha means the toxins present in blood. Vishghna means a natural detoxifying Ayurveda herb.
  • Shirovirechana- Useful in cleansing of head neck and sensory organs lying in this area.
  • Varnya/ Deha varna vidhayini- Turmeric Powder is one of the best Ayurveda herb to improve complexion.
  • Meha hara- The word Meha stands for the metabolic disorders; Turmeric Powder is one of the best Ayurveda supplement for diabetes and other metabolic disorders.
  • Krimighna- Turmeric Powder is a well known anti infectious and anti microbial Ayurveda herb.
  • Shoshahara- Detoxifying and nourishing characteristic of Turmeric Powder makes it a recommended supplement for emaciation and other nutritional deficiency disorders.
  • Pandu paha- In Ayurveda; the word Pandu stands for the nutritional deficiency disorders specially that of iron. Turmeric Powder enhances the nutritional status of body by removing toxins from body and stimulating the metabolism.
  • Vranapaha- being a cleanser and anti infectious Ayurveda herb Turmeric Powder is a good herb for healing wounds.
  • Vishodhani- The word Vishodhani stands for cleanser. Turmeric Powder is a recommended Ayurvedic supplement for cleansing and detoxification.
  • Peenasa nashini- Peenas means common cold and resulting coryza and rhinitis. Immunity supportive characteristic of Turmeric Powder makes it a good supplement for common cold, sneezing and rhinitis.
  • Aruchi nashini- Aruchi means loss of interest in eating or loss of appetite. It is because of its fire stimulating characteristic that Turmeric Powder is an important ingredient of Indian spices.

Health Benefits of Haridra Powder:

  • Turmeric has fluoride which is thought to be essential for teeth.
  • National Institutes of Health has four clinical trials underway to study curcumin treatment for pancreatic cancer, multiple myeloma, Alzheimer's, and colorectal cancer.
  • A 2004 UCLA-Veterans Affairs study involving genetically altered mice suggests that curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, might inhibit the accumulation of destructive beta amyloids in the brains of Alzheimer's disease patients and also breaks up existing plaques.
  • A recent study involving mice has shown that Haridra slows the spread of breast cancer into lungs and other body parts. Turmeric also enhances the effect of taxol in reducing metastasis of breast cancer.
  • A decoction of the rhizome of Turmeric relieves the pain of purulent ophthalmia.
  • Oil of turmeric, distilled from the dried rhizomes, has mild antiseptic properties.
  • Turmeric is an antacid in small doses and, acts as a carminative, appetizer and tonic in large doses.

Useful part of Haridra:


Doses of Haridra:

Powder- 2-4 gms

Some combinations of Haridra Powder in Ayurveda:

Haridra khanda

Best Recommended Uses of Haridra Powder in Ayurveda:

  • According to Astanga Samgraha (One of the best books on Ayurveda) Haridra is the best medication for Prameha (Metabolic disorders specially Diabetes).
  • Understanding all these facts very important it is a common practice in India to use Haridra to prepare vegetables. It indicates towards the life of a common Indian enriched with the treasure of knowledge.

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